Encaustic Medium

Every medium has its own “language”, the way it wants to speak, and learning how to use it, how to speak its language, and how to make it say what what you want it to say, is what defines the ultimate effect and look of the message.

Oils are luscious and soft and gentle, perfect for sensuous and smooth sensibilities; egg is strong and dry, suited to a more defined, ascetic task; and wax (encaustic) is intense, expressive, and immediate, ideal for those seeking a direct and material interaction with the image depicted.

Each has its merits and place, but it is to the language of encaustic that I am most drawn. In an age where everything is speeding along and people can sometimes feel like spirituality is disconnected from the world and their daily lives, I believe the raw and bold effects of encaustic can join the material world with the spiritual in a tight and immediate bond. Conveying the message of God loud and clear.

An ancient technique, largely lost since the 7th or 8th century,  figurative encaustic painting is now enjoying a popular revival. Nevertheless at the moment there are still relatively few artists painting regularly in the medium. My wax is handmade by myself, through various ancient processes of boiling and bleaching to finally arrive a stark white wax with a high melting point. Extremely durable (as attested to by the earliest examples still extant today), retaining brightness and transparency of colour, encaustic has proved itself a highly valuable medium. Time consuming, costly to prepare, and the skill and materials involved in its execution, also make this prized medium not a cheap one. I therefore offer icons in both egg tempera and encaustic, with according price differences.